What We Do

CISANET’s core objectives within the agricultural and food security sector are mostly to do with policy advocacy and networking. In accordance with CISANET definitions, networking activities have to do deal with information sharing, visibility, development of coordination systems for civil society organisations amongst others. To learn more about the activities that CISANET is involved in, click the program titles below:

Policy advocacy

CISANET believes that smallholder farmers in Malawi will still play a key role in agriculture and food security, and agriculture will still remain the centrepiece through which poverty will be reduced for the foreseeable future. In addressing agricultural development issues, CISANET has selected some key themes which it has been operating its policy advocacy under. Click here to learn more about CISANET policy advocacy issues.


Much as CISANET has had an active policy advocacy component, there have been some challenges in terms of building its networking component. However, overtime, CISANET been developing its networking and communication/visibility activities. Click here to learn more about CISANET networking activities.