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Make agricultural policy work for the poor

Help CISANET to advocate for positive policy changes which should contribute promoting agricultural development and sustainable livelihoods for the poor

With your support through membership, CISANET can:

  • Review policies for policy advocacy.
  • Update you on progress made in implementation of various policies.
  • Allow you to take part in policy making and advocacy.

CISANET membership categories

  • Full member
  • Associate member
  • Honorary member

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How are finances spent in CISANET?

The finances in CISANET are used in the furtherance of the Networks’ objectives.
Reviewing of policies for policy advocacy
Updating you on progress made in various policy advocacy initiatives

What will I benefit from being a CISANET member?

  • Access to the latest financial report and registration details
  • Participation in the CISANET activities and general assembly
  • Seek election to the structures of the Organisation
  • Access to regular information on the operations of CISANET and agriculture development as well as general food security (National, Regional and International)
  • Contribute to agricultural policy development and implementation
  • Sharing of information on Organisations’ progress with others throught the e-forums, mails and workshops
  • Voluntarily participate in the operations of the Network, where necessary CISANET Secretariat support may be deemed necessary
  • Represent CISANET in workshops and meetings
  • CISANET will work with your Organisation on any policy issues it needs to take for advocacy
  • Capacity development on issues of policy and advocacy

What happens when I pay membership? Does CISANET also have annual subscription fees?
At present membership in CISANET is free, what you only need, is to show interest in being a member and requet for membership application forms. However, there are proposals for membership fee that were presented to the CISANET Annual General Meeting which was held in May 2012 and are awaiting approval by the Board members.

Please note that your contribution is tax-deductible in accordance with the taxation laws of Malawi.

A registered member can request for a copy of the latest financial report and registration details which can be obtained by either writing to

The Board Chairperson,
CISANET, P.O. Box 203,
Lilongwe, MALAWI
or e-mail .

CISANET is registered as a not-for-profit organisation under the Trustees Incorporation Act of 1964, and the Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN): 20173647.