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CISANET is a policy advocacy organisation, working on agriculture and food security policy issues affecting not only the smallholder farmers but generally the poor people and their livelihoods. CISANET was incorporated under the Trustees incorporation Act of 1964 on 23rd January 2005.

CISANET’s work mostly centres on two key policy areas. Firstly, policy advocacy is the central part of CISANET work. Under policy advocacy, CISANET works on Livestock and Dairy Development, Marketing and International Trade, Climate Smart Agriculture, Budget Accountability program, and Nutrition and Social Protection issues as its central thematic foci. However, CISANET also focuses on the general food security support policy issues. Secondly, under the networking objective, CISANET works with its members at both national and district level to share information on food security issues as well as undertake policy advocacy initiatives which affect the poor.

CISANET’s Vision

To be a lead network of Civil Society Organisations with capabilities to influence on agriculture related policy dialogue and change that positively impact on people’s livelihoods


To Promote agricultural development and sustainable livelihoods for the poor by influencing desired change in policies, practices and attitudes of Government, Donors, Civil Society and Private Sector through effective advocacy and networking.

Core Values

CISANET subscribes to the following core values:
bullet Accountability and transparency: CISANET shall be accountable to the poor farmers whom it stands to serve and to financial cooperating partners whose resources seek to promote the fight against poverty, in a transparent manner.
bullet Intergrity CISANET shall keep its intergrity and discharge its duties without any interference from internal and external forces.

  • Pro-poor
  • Inclusiveness
  • Independence: CISANET shall discharge its duties without any interference from internal and external forces.